Top 7 Board Games For Kids on Facebook 2016-17

Hello, Gamers !  Greetings of the day from Bottom of my heart to love this blog and stay here to read my experience with board games for kids on facebook. As All, you know that facebook has a huge collection of facebook games since 2012-till now. There is some free and some paid game launched by facebook team. The Facebook game has variety according to interest along with that he also care about your human behavior that you want to play the single of with multiplayer around the world who connected on facebook and other social media channels.

As for Me and one of my friend having coffee in Canary walf London discussing the top board games for kids on facebook that is played by millions of user daily. As we done with a discussion I came up with my laptop and sharing our discussion conclusion with you. I already fall in love with these top facebook board games for kids. So Below I am telling you short about these game one by one. Hope you also like these game as me.

The First rule of Facebook games that you need a competitor online at that time when you are playing, They could be your friend or family or someone who willing to play and need gamer like you to be

Tic Tac Toe

tic tac toe

It’s very interesting board games for kids on facebook that you can enjoy with your facebook profile or by using your friend’s profile. It’s similar to paper pencil game that we used to play in our childhood. But instead of using x’s and o’s you should try this one. You can play this game any time during the long travel and you do not want to be so strategic to win in this game. Tic Tac toe is one of my favorite facebook game that I play often in my traveling time.



Scrabulous - board games for kids

Ahhh…Hope you have done this 100 times in your school days, Complete the spelling and win with your competitors to make more spelling on paper. This is called a word game in past days but now facebook launched this game and named it Scrabulous. You can challenge your friend or any other social friend to play Scrabulous with you. This is very popular board games for kids.



Monolpoly - board games for kids

Monopoly game is next favorite after the Scrabulous. In this game, you have to play with three computer generated players. You roll the dice , collect pieces and buy your property that essential to winning. It’s the random game of dice and you have to keep an eye on your competitor that what are they doing.



Reversi - board games for kids

Reversi or othello is a strategic board games for kids. On this Board game, you have to check with green dots on the board to put your pieces. As much as you put your pieces on board you will win. So put your hand up and be cool to give your focus on this game to win.


Chess Pro

Chess Pro - board games for kids

Hope you all familiar with this game as you and me played this board game. This game theme is same as in real with horse and knights. When you start the game you will see the board on your screen where you will take a step ahead and your competitor will do the step to caught your king. Facebook give a chat box so you can speak with your opponent while in playing.



Backgammon - board games for kids

This game is need a little mind exercise. Here you roll your dice and move your pieces. as You will install this game you will see that there are many players who are waiting to play with some and also you can watch other that already playing in this game. If you do not want to play with anyone you can make your own room and invite others to come and join you.



Checkers - board games for kids

This one is last game in my board games for kids on facebook. Often I play this game as I do not like it so much. This game is all about checks your pieces in opponent area. You can play this game with other active players or you can wait in open room to come any other player to join in this game.

Hope you all enjoyed these board games for kids list. Let me know in comment what is your favorite board game on facebook.

Thanks for reading.



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