Nintendo Going To Give Surprise In August 15 This Year – SONIC MANIA 4

Sonic Mania 4 By Nintendo

Sonic Mania 4 is an upcoming side-scrolling 2D platform game developed by Headcannon and Pagodawest game and published by Saga for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo switch, PlayStation and for Xbox as well. Releasing date of this game is August 15 2017.

Official Trailer Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania 4 is the fourth version of this game.The first Sonic Mania game released in 1982, Second Sonic Mania game is which also known as Sonic Mania Fighter released in 1987. After that in the third version of Sonic Mania 1998 Sonic Mania Wrapped released by Headcannon. Sonic Mania game designer by Jared Kasal and program by Christian white head and the composer by Tee Lopes.

How to Play Sonic Mania 

Sonic Mania is a sprite based side controlling platform in a similar style to the Sonic games released for all the Sega Genesis. Player Control One of the three playable character.

1- Sonic the Hedgehog

2- Miles “Tails” Power

3- Knuckless the Echidna

Comparison of Old version and updated version

In Sonic Mania 4 they increase 7 stages for now and maybe they increase mode stages in upcoming version too. This version fully technically sounds good with no error almost. Fans like me waiting to play the new version of the game.

In Sonic Maina first version there were 12 stages, in the second they increase 7 stages and launch with 19 stages. In the 3rd they headed with 30 stages and now they will launch the game with 37 stages.

How to Increase Power in Upcoming version 

In Old Sonic Maina game , you needed the yellow ball to gain the power of your player. But In New Sonic Mania Version you will need 4 balls and they are in two different color red and blue.

Red Colour Ball Role

When you “ll get the red color ball then player power automatically get doubled. So its a power button for a player that you need to achieve.

Blue Color Ball Role 

Blue Ball benifit is that you gain 2 lifelines for your player. You only can achieve blue ball after 15th stage in the game. In Every other stage you ll get 4 red balls and 1 blue ball.

So If you are waiting to play this game and need this game in your inbox get touch with our forum and we” ll try to give you access to everyone.

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