Top 10 Strategy Game Free Available To Play On Facebook

Hi, Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping here and show your interest in best strategy game free on facebook. In these types of games you can show your skill and play the mind game. In My terms, i calls IQ testing game on fb. As this year facebook full with lots of game for every age group and interest based. As I am a young gamer and most of the time spent on facebook to play the mind game with gamer around the world. And I spent as much as time in playing strategic game launched by facebook this year. I hope they will launch new facebook strategic game in 2017 too for their user.

Well now I am going to tell you which are the top strategy game free to play that I am addicted. So take a look on each game and choose the best that you can play and grow your skills and learn many strategy during to play in the game.

Top 10 Strategy Game Free Available On Facebook

1- Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans - Strategy Game Free

Clash of clans is the one best strategy game free on fb. Clash of clans is best and addictive game on facebook almost 10 million user daily plays this strategy game. This game totally depends of your presence of mind where you win more gold, elixir to show your strength on your competitors. You need to defend other community member you will earn more gold and elixir and with that you can open more chest. During the play you will feel that you are in the battle and any how you have to beat other clans and win the battle. So What are you waiting for go and love this game and kill your time. I know this will kill your time but as you will addict this strategy game, your mind start working fast as mine. Trust me, so Give it a try. Here You can challenge other player in tournament and earn more gold and coins.


2- Social Empire

Social Empire - Strategy Game Free

Social empire is the 2nd best addictive strategy game free on fb with 1 million daily user after clash of clans. Social empire punch line “build armies of warriors and mighty dragons,” and “attack other players’ kingdoms,” and “battle it out in epic tournaments ” these punch lines make a clear picture of your mind that what the game is all about on wars.In this game your responsibility to make your army of warriors and mighty dragon , attack on other players, kingdom and claim your resources , battle it out in epic tournament and conquer the world and be crowned Social Emperor.

One more thing its work on premium model game, at some stages you have to purchase some of coins to continue in the game. There are many hacks and cheats that people are using to crack the stage of game. But there are some scams as i heard that people are giving fake generator tool to earn unlimited coins. So be aware of such types of scams. As on this platform I always update new codes where you can easily get free coins of social empire without wasting your real money. I love this strategy game free on fb very much personally.


3- Social Wars

Social Wars

Social wars developed by the same company Social Point the team behind the social empire. The theme of the game is same but the characters are changed here in social wars. Social wars is purely robotic game where you have to build your own army and defend your city against alien attacks. Its quite simple to hear but when you will play the game you will realize that how tough to do it. This game is strategic as well as others games. But Graphics and sounds and characters will inspire you to play the game continuously to defend your city to aliens attack. Social wars is not as famous as social empire but lots of players still in battle and if you are want to save your city with aliens. So come and make your army and lead them to save your city with attacks.


4- Throne Rush

Throne Rush

Throne rush is new strategy game free on fb developed by Russian company Nexters and currently they have 1 million fb active user and total number of active user 9 million per month. Throne rush current revenue is 100k$ per day as they launched it on facebook. Lets talk on game feature so, This game is real army battle game where you will find different troops and wars in different areas. By defeating your enemies you will rule in your kingdom. The best part of the game, you can contact with other gamers and make a brotherhood. Here in this game you have along things to do with real time strategy to defeat your enemy and rule over them.


5- Galaxy Life

Galaxy Life

Are You ready to save aliens life? Can you make them comfort, Take the responsibility of their foods and living? If you like the concept, then Just give a try this game. This game is aliens game where your responsibility to make safe house for them and feel them comfort as much as possible. Its your responsibility that how you are going to save them from attacks. You trained your soldiers and build a safe colony for cute alien. Its best facebook strategy game free which have good graphics and attacks tricks from galaxy that you will fall in love with this game if you care about others planet creature such like these aliens.


6- Knights : Clash of Heros

Knights : Clash of Heros

Knights is another big strategy game free on faceboook developed by Playkot. This this battle is based on good vs evil. This game is totally in your control by each and every move of your soldiers and place to stand you can decide by yourself. On fb approx 150,000 active user on monthly basis. So You are in real battle game to save your military.


7- Plants vs Zombies Adventures

Plants vs Zombies Adventures

Ahhh this game is my favorite as before i play it on facebook this already taken space in my desktop. I played this game in 2009  as well when they launched it’s desktop version. The theme of the game is futuristic robots, dragon , aliens as the game is developed by POPCAP team with high resolutions of graphics and sound. So Here You can use plant bom like Potato Mines, Cherry Bombs, Wall-Nuts, Snow Peas, Fume Shrooms, and Peashooters as your weapons. Audience they gain in 2013 when they tie up with fb team and reach more audience in short period of time just because of high quality strategy game free on facebook.


8- Ninja Kingdom

Ninja Kingdom

Ninja Kingdom have the most unique concept in theme that you will love to play. Game is full with your favorite characters like Ninja , sushi, DOJo mojo etc. You build your troops and save your village with attacks. So Give it a try if you feeling active and have patience to complete the task.


9- War Commander

War Commander

War Commander is another strategy game free on fb loved by millions of users. Here You will meet the world wide community. They play the same game  to save your earth and save the remaining resources left on the earth. So There are more than 20 types of planes, tank and troops that you will manage during the battle.


10- Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is most loved game plays by gamer and reach of the game is about 500 million active user on fb. Game was released in 2016 March by Supercell. Here You can complete 13 levels in different 9 arena in the game. This game is card collectible and to win the battle you by more destroying tower than opponent.

Please share your thoughts in comment for about your most favorite strategy game!

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