Check New Super Mario Odyessy Release Date, Trailer and Know How To Get It Free

Super Mario Odyssey Release Date and Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming #3D Video Game will publish by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Official Nintendo Youtube Channel and CEO of Nintendo update the worldwide release date is on 27 October 2017.

Check Official Trailer of Super Mario Odyssey Here.

As the part of Main Super Mario series.Super, and Mario is 3D upcoming game in Nintendo series. This game is going to release 29 June 2017.  Old version of Super Mario is now upgraded into Super Mario Odessy and will be going to launch with some new feature.

Developer Dairy Give a brief info about latest feature in the new Super Mario Odyessy. Check his latest video after date of release.

You Can enjoy this game with 2 or more friends and family. You Can play this game on Tv, PC , and on the smart phone as well. This is a new era in the 3d game presented by Nintendo. They serving this game with great sound, graphics and some new techie feature of resolution in the game.

Here Is Some level that you’ll enjoy in this game.

1- Super Mario Odyssey 1st level with Kingdom Mushroom

2- Super Mario Odyssey 2nd Level – High Wall

3-Super Mario Odyssey 3rd Level – ZikZak Road

4-Super Mario Odyssey Level 4 and 5 – Gain 15000 coin to view 4, 5 level.


How to get Power in The game -Super Mario Odyssey 

You need some gold coins to increase power and energy for the player. If You obtain 12000 coins the Mario get extra power and energy. As You will cross the 3rd level in the game you get gold coins. From Level 1to 3 you get silver coins. By Obtaining 15000 coins will give you extra power and large size, you can run fast and get the ability to long jump. So You get to know the value to coins how they maintain your power and energy.

After the 4th and 5th level you able to get diamond coins. This Coin gives you an extra lifeline and long jumping power. There are total 52 stages you ll get aware with new coins and able to use their power in the game.

So Are you ready to play and give love to new Nintendo Game.

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