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Super Mario Run Reviews
Hello, Folks.How are you all and what’s about Super Mario Run? Have you played it? What have you found the best thing in Super Mario Run? So Before to tell you the about super Mario run, I want to thanks my friend Katty Roy who is here with me and we go through all news that rolling in the local newspaper and social media channels and sharing our experience with you that Why I love this game before but not now.

super mario run reviews

As I wake up in morning around 15 December and finished my school work, I go check the Super Mario Run official website for the latest news and release and I found that yes it released before few hours. I picked up my phone and on my wifi to download this new ios game Super Mario Run. After I cross 3rd level it asking for the $10 to unlock for next step. Its hurts me a lot, but I do not want to leave it for the next level and then I paid $10 to unlock the step.

Before to go more ahead I want to tell you about the 5 days history of Super Mario Run.  On 15 December 2016, Super Mario Run was launched and get 10 million downloads from the different  151 countries and people going mad to play this game. Me as well I pre-registered this game to play and give you first reviews of this game but due to my examinations and Christmas shopping  I away from my laptop. But yes now I am here to tell you all about this game. As You all know that Super Mario Run make by the Nintendo and they worked hard for 2 years to launch first ios version of this game.

Super Mario Run Reviews by True players: 

So As I was expected, Game is wonderful to play, sounds graphics is so handy and eye-catching with naughty Characters first 3 levels are easy to cross.  But when I was expecting for the next level, I got a pop up to pay $9.99 to play next level game. I was a little upset but I love this game so much so that’s why I pay for this. I can do anything for my favorite game. Hope you can understand my feelings towards the game as you are the gamer too.

So Its was around 6 pm and I planned to meet Katty in Star Bucks. As I have out from my house and turn off my wifi connection then start my mobile data to play the game at my traveling time. But I was shocked when Super Mario Run suddenly stopped. This happens to me constantly then I realize that it happened due to the network function in my internet connection. So This makes me unhappy. So If You are playing Super Mario Run, You need a god internet connection and if you played 1 hour, your internet connection will charge about 50MB per hour. 

So Be aware of this, If You addicted with this game you need a good internet speed at the same level. I also word with some other friends who facing the same problem.

According to app any data I saw that Super Mario Run Make a history and get 10 times more user than Pokemon Go which was a great sign for Nintendo Company. But As they have some issue with apps like app Charges in the next level and some country notice download and hanging problem with the slow internet, Company stocks get down from 11% to 7%. You Can check this graph released by the authorize PR agency and media Influencers.

So That’s a big loss for the Nintendo company as well as investors behind the Super Mario Run. But If You are a gamer and have good internet speed you will love this game from the soul.

Ohh, I forget to tell you about Katty Roy, we met that day and have some fun and also played Super Mario Run with her. You Can also check it if you are the gamer with your inner soul.

Let me know Your Experience in the comment section.

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